SEO Tips for Those Having Multiple Domains

While searching for anything we sometimes come across the two websites of similar types having similar content and products or whatever they are offering. I often wonder why people opt to have multiple domains for same business. Not the related domains but only the name is different and sites are same in terms of content, pictures, products or services they are offering. We may find them in two ways, firstly by investigating such sites, or if you are a dealer for domains then business owners may come to you asking for more than one domain to appear in the search results.

What is the use of such domains except having duplicate stuff? A bad thing in Google terms! Whatever is the case the multiple domains for the same business having similar stuff is not recommended.

Still here I am providing you some useful SEO tips to keep the multiple domains safely if you are still interested to have them for any reason.

Multiple Domain Buyer May Feel Defensive in Beating Competitor  

Sometimes business owners buy the available keyword dominated domains just to prevent their competitors from buying those domains. They think unless they own all the available domains their competitors would not be able to get higher rank in search results. And in turn they may have to bear heavy expenses in managing such variable domains. While on the other hand the competitors may beat them in ranking simply by producing more quality content and varying some SEO tools or getting more links. Note that if you employ this tip make sure that all your links are redirected towards the main domain.

Difficult to Sustain Domination on Google First Page

Some businesses simply buy multiple domains as they want their site to appear multiple times in order to increase traffic. It may work sometimes but it has some critical disadvantages.

Singe Physical Location for Multiple Domains Create Confusion  

If you have a single physical location of your business then multiple domains would only confuse or misguide your customers. Secondly, Google do not encourage it and sooner or later may get you into spamming.

Content Rewriting is Must for Maintaining Uniqueness

As Google does not entertain the similar content on different sites you will have to rewrite completely new content for your new site. Getting all the content rewritten for a new site is not a child’s play and may turn out to be expensive.

Branding Issues of Multiple Domains

You may have branding problem between two sites; one of your sites may be at higher-end and the other at low-end; and even you may be offering the same prices then how such cases would be dealt with? How the contacts would be dealt? Such cases may require much extra effort and high risk percentage.

Having Country Specific Domains

This is something which should be included in your “must dos” as it is a very tough task to achieve good ranking internationally without a country specific domain. At times you may rank well without a country specific or top- level domain but that would be temporary ill rather call it walking on a rocky hill.

Employ Double SEO Resources

If you have decided to own multiple domains and willing to achieve good ranking as well then you would obviously have to double your SEO resources. As a new domain would require much more effort to rank it well as compared to an already built site which is containing some history. Here I highly suggest that indented listings should be primarily focused before you plan too many domains in the same search results.