SEO Tricks for Better Presence in Search Engines in 2014

The phrase “Search Engine Optimization” (or SEO) is used to describe the process through which a website is found by search engines and displayed to the user. In the following lines you will be offered some seo tricks on how to improve the position in the results of search engines for your website or blog.

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Use Keywords in the HEAD tags

The important HEAD tags in HTML are H1, ​​H2 and H3.These tags delimit elements that provide information about the content of a page. And when it comes to page content, one of the best things you can do to improve the site’s optimization is to include keywords that are representative for the page.

Use the ALT tag for Images

If you choose to add images to the page content, make sure you include their description using the ALT tag.This is used to provide information about the image. Google and other search engines do not visually see the images, but can only understand and interpret them using the information in this tag. Preferably you should avoid spam-like descriptions by including keywords but making sure the description flows naturally.

Use SEO Friendly URLs

If you want to make your site seo friendly then you should start from your URLs. Don’t make it long with stop words separating by underscores. Keep it simple and add keywords in it separating by hyphens. Using hyphen is better than underscores as hyphens are taken as spaces to make your URL meaningful while underscores are not.

Meaningful Internal Linking is Essential Now

Link your posts internally using keywords as anchors. Link naturally and according to the relevance of the content. Your anchor text must reveal about the post in a meaningful way. For examples if you are internally linking a post about seo tools, beginners should use, then your anchor text must be like ‘seo tools for beginners’ rather than just using ‘seo tools’ for it. Also you should add internal links into authority pages towards the posts you want to send traffic to. You can use Google webmaster tools or Open Site Explorer to find these high authority popular pages easily.

Diversification in Traffic Sources is Crucial Today

All webmasters prefer to get organic traffic from google as much as possible, nearly 70%-80% of their total traffic. It’s very good if google keeps on liking your site but what if its next update hit your site. In this way you will lose everything you have been relying upon so far. That is why SEO experts insist upon the diversification of traffic sources.

Try to get traffic from other authentic sources like newsletters, social media, blog commenting, forum posting and guest posting. We know google is taking guest posting very seriously these days but if you are not using spammy tactics in it you can keep on guest posting to take advantage of this SEO tactic for links & traffic both in a long run.

Create a Sitemap

In the world of SEO, applications of search engines, known as spiders, have an important role when it comes to analyzing and processing the content of a website. That being said, an important aspect in the process of SEO optimization is to help spiders run across your website more easily.

This can be achieved with the creation of a sitemap, which is a list of all the pages on your website and their hierarchy. This list contains all the links and the relationships between them. There are many applications that can generate a sitemap for you for free, so make sure you take advantage of them.

Create Social Backlinks via Huge Fan Club

Google Panda now tracks your website popularity by analyzing how many fans you have. It is important to give your pages a social boost. We recommend using the services of BoostSocialMedia. They are one of the few on the internet that actually delivers real fans and follower not fake ones!

Make Use of Good SEO Tools to Judge Your Position

Doing anything without knowing where you are heading towards does not make sense. So make good use of quality free seo tools if you can’t go for paid ones. These tools will tell you lots of things for free you can use to further shape your SEO strategy.

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