Simple Tip to Increase Social Media Activity; Add Social Links to Email Signature

Email is a good method to keep in touch with your friends and business but if you add a link to the social media website, it will be more effective. You can add it as an email signature and a number of methods are available for that. However, the quickest way is to apply a tool, which can be an application or widget. This will help you to create a signature. Check out best email marketing tools.

social links in email signature


  1. You have to download WiseStamp or any other tool for email signature. However, it should be compatible with the application you use to write your messages. All programs will not be compatible with all applications. So, it’s important to match the program with the application.
  2. You have to install this tool to create email signature. You will get the instruction for the installation. This is simple to do, but it depends on your tool.
  3. You have to go to the section showing tools, in your application program.
  4. Now, open the tool, which you have installed. Check out WP plugins for create email list.
  5. You have to add user names related to social websites and other links at appropriate places in the signature tool window. You will have many options here, where you can add your desired social websites. You have to write the name of websites, next to the signature tool and the icon will create the link automatically.
  6. Save these changes and create a new message.
  7. Now test the changes by sending an email message. It will ensure that you have applied the process appropriately.

Tips to Remember

  • Make sure that the websites you have selected match with the interest of those people, who are receiving your emails. Your personal mails should not have the links of your professional websites. For professional reasons, you have to create another email address.
  • You can use HTML options too, to add these links to your social websites. For this purpose, you have to add a short code in your preferences of signature.