Simple Ways to Track Podcast Downloads via Google Analytics

If you have an account with Google Analytics, it will be easier for you to get information for you about those users, who see your website. You can also know that for how much time they were visiting your page. If you have podcasts audio files, which are in downloadable format, you will be able to change your HTML code. This will provide you information that how many people downloaded your podcast. A report containing all these statistics will be provided on your profile, which is related to Google Analytics.

track podcast by google analytics

1. You have to start an application, which is related to web editing as Adobe Dreamweaver. You can launch Word processor or text editor as well. Examples of these are Microsoft word and Notepad.

2. You use some files, to host podcast, these are HTML code files you have to open them.

3. You have to place the cursor in HTML code this is the place where you have to insert the link into your podcast file.

4.Write “<a href=”″ onClick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/downloads/podcasts’]);”>” HTML code.

5. Write URL in place of You have to change podcast path also, which host the website.

6. Save changes which you made in the HTML file and update the new file. These changes will help you as when a visitor will click on the download link the information will be stored in Google Analytics account.

These simple steps can help you to know the performance of your website and you will be able to analysis it in a better way.