Social Media Search Engines -The Next Big Thing

Social media has seen a steady rise in popularity during the last decade; the early 2000s were dominated to a large extend by Orkut and Hi5, but recent trends have begun to follow exclusively Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As the numbers of people who use these social media websites have grown, so has the content being shared diversified. Most search strings that brought accurate search results in the early days are now becoming less and less so, thus social media trends have a big influence on SEO tactics.

This brings us to the social media search engines; which function in a way similar to conventional search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing. The only difference being that conventional engines search all over the web, whereas social media centric engines only search within the database of that particular website. Social Media Search Engines are definitely the next big thing because many companies use this social media to promote their products. Websites like Facebook generate all of their revenue through product ads and promotions.


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The Pitfalls of Regular Search Algorithms

Regular search engines have been around for quite some time now, and the common modern search engine traces its routes to over twenty years ago, when the first feasible algorithms to sift and arrange search results were written. The modern search engine is much the same as its predecessor, with each new update bringing something useful. But these search engines have a lot of drawbacks, even Google has trouble keeping up with the vast number of pages it keeps indexed; it is frustrating when you’re searching for a particular thing and Google matches up thousands of seemingly relevant pages, all with matching keywords but the content itself hardly makes sense.

Why Social is the Way to Go?

Social web search engines take a step ahead of these conventional types in the sense that they incorporate an almost artificially intelligent algorithm that learns about your preferences the longer you use that engine. New updates in the form of Google Now, and Apple’s Siri are examples of these kinds of adaptive search engines.They are available on Android and iOs systems hence they can be brought under the tag of social media search engine.

Why Facebook Graph can Become the Next Big Thing?

Facebook Graph is the latest update to Facebook’s Timeline user interface; this is currently an exclusive feature which is only available to a select number of users. The feature that gives this new update an edge over competition is that users are able to enter highly specific phrases in the search bar; for example, searching for the number of friends that like a specific artist or film, or the number of restaurants in a particular city, or people who share some common interests with you and also live in nearby areas. The potential importance of this complex algorithm and the work which must have gone in to writing it boggles the mind. Newer social media search engines might turn to be even more powerful.