Top Elements of Powerful Post

Google Penguin 3
October 23, 2014

Blogging is quite common and popular these days. With every minute a new blog post is on its way to tens of dozens of readers. But not every blog post gain attention or liking. So, more the number of uninteresting posts, more are the chances for a blog to get to lower ranks. People try so many things to make their blog posts interesting. Creativity and innovation is at its…


How to Recover from Google Penguin Update?

google penguin update
May 30, 2013

Most website owners and marketers have been affected from the brunt of the so called Google Panda and Penguin update. After a series of small updates, Google had decided to come up with Penguin 2.0. This new algorithm has turned the tables for most SEO experts and as a result many websites have been seen to be penalized. As a net consequence, such websites have either lost their rankings on…