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Google Zebra is Coming; How to Prepare?

As an online merchant or business owner, Google updates can significantly influence the ability of your website to attract traffic. This can have a positive or negative impact on sales. The Google Zebra update is almost here. Matt Cutts announced that Google Zebra is coming soon and revealed that Google introduced it in its efforts

Google Cache Checker Tool

Uploading fresh web content is one of very effective ways of getting high Google rankings. But  how do we know if Google really had crawled a website or does Google really know if a particular website exist? The answer for these questions is Google Cache Checker Tool. Following are some of the advantages of using

Understand Google Universal Analytics to Get Most of It!

With the introduction of Google Analytic in public beta version it has now become easier to keep track of how your followers and fans switch between different screens, a task which was quite difficult to figure out previously. Formerly it was only available for those who paid for it but now it has been made

Google Discontinues e-Commerce Search Tool

Search giant Google has decided to terminate its Commerce Search service after almost four years, bringing to an end the availability of a platform which was specifically designed to be used by those webmasters looking to operate an e-commerce site. Google first revealed its intentions to create Commerce Search in 2009 and by the middle

Link Building Campaign; Things You Need to Consider!

Link building is the most essential factor while doing SEO in order to achieve a better ranking in search engines. This is usually done by generation of links via postings in blogs, forums and directory submissions. Website owners are increasingly seeking help of the SEO service providers to enhance the popularity of their websites by

On-Page SEO Factors You Must Remember

Whenever we talk about on-page SEO factors the first thing which comes to our mind is the proper use of keywords in various sections of page structure. So here we decided to elaborate one of the most important SEO techniques, use of keywords in order to explain it comprehensively. Do not overstress on any tactic

3 Social Media Strategies to Keep Google Satisfied

With the advent of the search engine optimization concept in Google ranking, the SEO workers are recognizing the importance of social media more seriously. Over the past few years there has been a gradual increase in SEO thirst in both, service providers and clients with strong emphasis on social media and content marketing. Your thoughts