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3 Types of SEO Services – A Guide for Beginners

Many people use the internet services but they do not know how every site works. In fact, these people are also not aware that each time they click on a site; the site earns traffic from them. For website owners, traffic is money. So if you want to venture in online business, you must know

PPC vs SEO – Which is Better in 2013?

SEO and PPC are marketing techniques that could bring you traffic. The PPC ads, or Pay Per Click, are made with the purpose of “buying” visitors for the website of the company, by placing ads on the pages that display search results on engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is a natural way

AdWords Is Changing And PPC Is Set To Follow

Google AdWords has long been the premier advertising platform for a lot of enterprises ranging from small advertisers to multinational corporations. AdWords has one of the most comprehensive ad targeting keywords and its main publishing tool, Google Search itself is still the preferred search tool for nearly 70% of Internet users in the main global

How to Use Pay Per Click to Increase Facebook Fans?

Irrespective of the type of service or website run by you online, it is imperative to have a considerable social following in today’s time. You need to make sure you are present on all leading social networking sites and not just any one of them. Even companies providing Facebook ad management service sometimes ask you

Why PPC Click-Through-Rates Have Increased?

Any keen observer must have noticed that Google’s Paid listings have changed, and not just changed but changed for the better. Hitherto, the PPC adverts have been appearing on backgrounds with the color blue. This is however not the case today, as they are now appearing on a yellow background. Some people have found it