Technical Guidelines to Attract Search Engines

Every webmaster want to attract search engines to get higher ranking but only few achieve this goal. The actual difference lies in efforts and technical guidelines needs to be followed to attract search engine spiders easily. Here in this post we’ll discuss some important technical guidelines to attract search engines towards your site to get desired ranking eventually.

Use Text Browser for Scanning the Site

A good number of search engine spiders view your site just as Lynx would, so using a text browser like Lynx for scanning your site is recommended. If the text browser faces any difficulty in reading your site due use of decorative features like JavaScript, DHTML, cookies, Flash, Frames, or Session IDs, then spiders of search engine will also encounter difficulty in crawling the sites.

search engine spiders

You can allow search bots for crawling your websites devoid of session IDs and arguments, which trace their way throughout your site. You can gauge individual behavior of each user, but the pattern of access of bots should be totally different.

However, you can notice incomplete indexing of the websites while using these techniques. It is because bots may be unable to eliminate those URLs that look different but point to identical pages.

Notify Google about Changes in Content

Your web server can tell Google if the content of your site has undergone changes due to crawling in the previous occasion. Having a web server that supports the ‘If- Modified-Since HTTP header’ lets you notify the Google regarding changes in the content, this feature salvage you overhead and bandwidth. You can check out Design and Content Guidelines as well.

Avoid Blocking Robots Accidentally

Make the web server robots.txt files enabled as they will help the crawlers to know identify directories that they can crawl and the ones which they cannot crawl. Do not block Google crawler accidentally. Visit specific sites such as to understand how to command robots while they are on your sites. You should assay your robots.txt files with analysis tool for robots.txt obtainable in ‘Google Webmaster Tools’. This will help you to use them correctly.

Make Links & Pages Crawl-able

Search engine ranking can get affected because of advertisements. Doubleclick as well as Adsence ads links are not crawled by robot.txt file because these links block the robot. If a CMS or content management system has been put in place then your company should ensure that links and pages created by the CMS can be crawled by search engines. Robot text can help you prevent pages that are auto generated and are not of much use for the users. When such pages come from search engine it hardly does any good to you and your users.

Ensure Best Overall Performance of Website

Ensure that your site appears appropriately in many different browsers by testing it. Google is dedicated towards outstanding user experience; it does take into account how your site is performing and its loading time. All this is important in placing your site way ahead of your competitors by decreasing loading time and increased speed. Speed becomes all the more important in case users are hooked to slow internet service under unavoidable circumstances.

WebPagetest, Y Slow or some other tools are available to the webmasters who evaluate your sites’ performance in terms of page speed, users’ satisfaction. Site performance tool is employed by Webmaster tool can evaluate speed of the site. To get more information, tools, and resources visit Let’s Make the Web Faster.