How Teenagers can Make $100 per Day from College?

Go with a winner! That is all I can say to teenagers and youngsters who are either in high school or college. But how can you be the winner? Well! The good news is that It does not takes talent even if a mediocre guy like me can do it then why not you. It’s very elementary to be a winner as you simply need to have extra bucks to spend and even to save of some of it.

$100 a dayHey! Hang On. I am not talking about investing capital in a business. There is nothing over the top. You can get started without spending a cent and earn about $100 to $500 on daily basis.

Yes! You can. Just follow me.

Grab Your Laptop

Your new career in making money online is just few weeks away. Hence firstly grab a laptop which is connected to internet. I do hope that you can afford a laptop or even a desktop with internet connection. Having a laptop with internet connection is the first thing you need to make $100 per day.


This is the only investment I am expecting from you but I feel that most of us have this luxury. You will earn first pay check by simply working on your computer. You are completely free to choose your own time of working as there is no particular working hours. Take your own time and make money online as much as you like.

Surf The Internet

You will also be glad to know that you will make big bucks while having fun on the Internet. Therefore next would be browsing the Internet. Go to places like Google News, Google groups, Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Answers etc and try to find out what people are looking for.

surf internet

What they really want or to put it simple why they are online. If you continuously surf the active forums and discussion boards then you will come to know there are millions of individuals who are online in search of answers to their questions. Primarily they are looking for some solutions.

Get A Product

Now do not get stuck with the thought that you have to create solutions for the people who are online for their problem. The solution is already present and you just have to pick one of them according to what people are looking online.


Some of them want to reduce their body weight naturally, some want to remove acne from their faces, some want to make money, some may want to learn music etc. You will find solutions to all these problems from a website called ClickBank.

Just go there and pick a product (basically an eBook) that solves above problems. You can choose a product that answers questions about weight loss or teaches music.

Pen Down Your Thoughts

This sounds Incredible? Remember you will get an URL link while choosing a product just copy that and we will use later. For now just pen down an article or a blog of 400 to 500 words related to the product you chose.

write review

Do not get intimated by writing an article as you can get idea from sites like ezine articles, eHow etc. Your article must try to convince the reader that the products you will be offering will really solve their problems. Include one or two images and videos in your articles. You can create it on any topic pertaining to your product that you are about to sell.

Now Make Money

No wonder! Now just earn money. Go to blogger and just type the article with images you created. Going back while you chose the product from ClickBank you got an URL link just place that link in the bottom of your BlogSpot.

Whenever someone clicks on the link and lands on the website that is selling the product and he purchases the product you will get commission on that sale. Hence while choosing a product from ClickBank see it to that commission paid by the product owners is above 50%. A sale of product that costs $60 can give you $30 if commission is 50%.

earn money online

Update your blog daily for getting more sales.


In final remarks I would say everything is free of cost, just grab your laptop, look what people are doing online, choose a product that answers their questions, create a blog on blogger and sell it their by placing the URL link.

I am sure if you work continuously you can make $3000 to $6000 for a month working just from home or college without any prior investment.