Three Common Types of Content Often Ignored by B2B Companies for Optimization

Arguably, one of the difficult tasks in SEO is content creation. There is no denying the fact that generating high quality content attracts visitors but this is distant dream for small business. The sad part is b2b companies generates truly awesome content but most of the time buried in resource box. Content is wasted and guttered in resource box and most of the companies never cared to bring from the box. Here we have discussed 3 common types of contents often lack proper optimization by B2B companies. Let’s have a look and see where optimization can do a magic to make these content types a real success from search engine optimization point of view.

seo by b2b companies

Image Credit: Flickr

1- Case Study

Case study is often over looked content type by search engine optimizers. This piece of content really helps visitors making decision either to buy product or outsource the service or sign up the deal. Normally, a case study contains title and headings like Challenge, Solutions and Results. Or case study can be divided into Overview, Challenge, Strategy and Conclusion.

Break the rules. Often title of the case study is poorly written, for instance “Propelling a Healthcare Giant”. After reading the case study I realized it talks about data management and the client is from Healthcare Industry. Instead above title, we can entitle the case study: “Data management for healthcare”. The keyword ‘data management healthcare’ has 1300 global monthly searches. Home page of the website has page rank 6 and the major clients they deal with are from fortune 500 companies. Clearly all the above suggests that it won’t be much difficult to optimize the above keyword in brand website like above.

Relevant keyword in heading tag as a substitute for overview, challenge, strategy and conclusion not only helps in optimization but also keeps the story interesting till the end. As Visitors scan most of the times, descriptive heading engages visitors. A win – win situation for both search engine and visitors!

2- White Papers

What do the whitepapers mean for you? Whitepapers are not just researched reports but a proven solution to the issues and problems. These are the words what bloggers use like tips, tricks or ways to address the issues. The same way b2b companies use whitepapers for clients.

But accessing whitepapers need three to four clicks. Sometimes we need to fill couple of fields to download the PDF document. It is important to remember that these whitepapers need a better platform to get accessed and indexed by Google.

Google used to consider blog posting as a fresh content. Over the last few years many developers has offered free social widgets and SEO plugins that helped to share blog instantly and made blog posts go viral.

If you see the fortune500 companies, surprisingly b2b companies are still using the traditional platform. Documents are in the form of PDF and placed in resource kit.

3- Webinars

Based on our findings, the b2b clients we worked with, especially technology companies conduct webinars regularly, tt least once in a week. These webinars are real time communications: events, workshops, Q&A sessions, quality content for visitors etc. Unfortunately, 90% of the time companies won’t embed the recorded webinar in YouTube. So it is important to make a YouTube channel and post regularly. Also use video transcription site like to convert into content so that it can be found in Google.

In the end, Google needs quality content that can be share easily. Small business companies cannot afford to hire quality content writer and thereby cannot create content effectively. But big companies can do and always create quality content but go wrong in choosing the right platform for publishing case study, whitepapers and webinars.