Tips for New Bloggers to Do It in Right Way

This post is meant for those who have started with big ambitions, wrote a few posts, got disappointed because of the lack of readers and comments, and are thinking about giving up.

Aren’t you sorry to let it go just like that? You’ve felt that you have something to say, that’s why you’ve started your blog; what has changed? Do you think that A-list bloggers got it right from the start?

Ok, here’s a short list of Tips for New Bloggers in order to skyrocket your blog; we’ll cover it in more detail in just a minute:

– write more quality content;

– promote your blog in order to get readers, comments and subscribers;

– make relationships with your readers and other bloggers in your niche.

That’s basically three things. Ok, not the simplest thing in the world, but that’s your path. There is more than one recipe for each of the bullet points, you’ll come across them as you develop as a blogger, but to get you going, let’s see what are the steps you could take to start your journey in the right direction.

Write More Quality Content

Don’t start promoting your blog before you have at least 15-20 posts on it; your visitors will be mostly first-time visitors, show them that you already have something for them to stick around. If this sounds like too much, news flash: you’re supposed to do it for a long time, so go brainstorming for those titles (and while you’re at it, write down every additional title and thought that comes into your mind and make an editorial calendar, you’ll need it later).

quality content

Quality content is different for each of us, but do your best to give your new readers something of value; don’t just throw some 500-600 words of blah-blah. Articulate your message and present it in a logical way; inform, entertain, educate, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Promote Your Blog

Don’t count on SEO to get you readers, not for the first few months anyway. Find other blogs relevant to what you write about and leave comments on them; find and join a community around your niche and your topics of interest (forum, blogging tribe, Twitter or Facebook users) that already exists, and learn how to participate; make a pact with another blogger to promote and comment on each other’s posts. Find blogs to guest post on, this thing is not reserved for A-list bloggers only. Forget about the shy guy routine, you have to learn how to be social.

blog promotion

Shortly after you start actively participating in your chosen communities, you can expect to see that some websites are sending you visitors on a regular basis; then it’s time to offer them the option to subscribe to your blog. Don’t worry if you don’t have a freebie to offer them: if they really like what you write, they will subscribe just to receive notifications about your new posts. You can then communicate with them directly and deepen the relationship, which will encourage them to be more engaged and start commenting on your posts and sharing them with their friends.

Make Relationships

Use Twitter to connect with people of interest to you. Those relationships are being built gradually, so take your time, analyze your followers and people you’re following to discover what the best approach is. This task in particular probably seems impossible to many new bloggers, they feel they will never manage to get the attention, let alone to build relationship with a famous blogger; some make another kind of mistake, trying to get people to notice them before they build some quality to speak for them on their blog.

blog relationships

The right path is to let things grow naturally: while you’re small, you’re learning from the big guys; when you prove yourself, there’s a good chance that they will notice you on their own. You can help them, of course, but you have to have a background before you come in front of them.

So, it’s best to start with people who already engage with you – your readers, bloggers you’ve established connections with, other followers. They will be your base, they will help you build your background.

Nicole from Innovativepaymentprocessing, is an Internet Marketer who has seen many new blogs come and go; when you’re in the game for some time, you start seeing patterns and recognizing common fear, misconceptions and mistakes.