7 Golden Nuggets to Improve Website Link Structure Practically

The internet has revolutionized the advertising and marketing world. Search engine optimization has become one of the most important forms of marketing as businesses within each market are racing to the top of Google. Getting your business to the top of a Google search engine is far from easy, you are going to need various SEO tools including keywords, content, and link structure. Link structure can be a little tricky because bad links can come from bad SEO, which in turn could destroy your website and your business. Also check out how to improve google ranking quickly?

Improve Your Website's Link Structure

These 7 golden nuggets to improve website link structure will help improve your businesses SEO practices and get you one step closer to the top of Google.

Bring Important Links to the Top

Links play an important role in SEO and there is no such thing as having one too many links on your website. However you want to offer yourself a sense of priority when it comes to those links, by bringing the more important links to the top of the page. When customers come to your page, they are looking for easy navigation and simplicity. By bringing these important links to the top of your webpage, you are bringing convenience to your customers and showing them that the links on the top are priority. This type of organizational skills and SEO planning is what is going to improve your rankings through Google, and bring you closer to the top of the search engine.

Avoid Dead Links

Link building is important, but at the same time, links can be just as harmful to a business as they can be helpful. If you have links on your website that don’t go anyone or that aren’t being followed, then these are called dead links. You want to do a sweep of your website and always check your link statistics to get rid of the dead links or dead weight off your profile. Having bad links can be a major problem for your website and your SEO strategy and could even push you down further into Google search.

Keep Your Links to a Minimum

On every page, you are bound to have outgoing links. You want to have outgoing links on every page, but you want to make sure you are keeping the number of these links low. You are also going to have external links on your pages and you are going to want to keep those links even lower than your outgoing links. If you have to many external links, you are pushing all your link sourcing out to those external sources, which in turn is doing nothing for your website.

Keep Organized

You are going to want to keep your page organized, which means you want to get rid of any excess baggage. You want to check your website for duplicate content, dead links, or anything that is just being hung over and not used. Doing this basic clean up will not only keep your site clean, but it will also keep your links in good shape. Check out tips for creating clean URL structure here.

Link Up the Important Stuff

If you have a page that is important, then you need to link up with that page. You have to make your page to offer important content, so that Google looks at your page as being important. So if there is important information for your customers, you should build a link to every important page on your site. It means that you need to create links to important posts too rather than directly all links towards the main index page to boost PR. Google is now giving importance to those websites which are having more links towards the individual and quality posts instead of having all links pointing towards the homepage.

Cross Link

As just mentioned, you want to make sure that you are cross linking all the important information on your page. This way, you are keeping all the important information connected to one another. There are various methods of connecting important information, such as putting links in the content of you web pages.

Combine Keywords & Anchor Text

Finally, if you are looking to put everything else together you need to combine keywords and anchor text. Keywords are important to SEO because they are basically the important information that customers are looking for. When you add them as anchor text you are combining link building and keyword stuffing to create a solid SEO platform that will get your website noticed by Google on their next sweep and help keep your customers satisfied by making all the information they need simple to find.