Useful Tips for Writing Product Reviews

One of the ways freelance writers make money is by writing product reviews. This type of writing involves collecting data about a certain product and presenting it in the form of friendly writing to educate, inform and guide prospective buyers. Without product review writers, online retailers and affiliate marketers would be helpless. If you’re interested in going into this type of writing or you’re already involved in it but are looking for useful information to improve your skills then you’ve come to the right place.

Below we are going to discuss the useful tips for writing product reviews in a great way:

review writing tips

Make Your Title Your Own

To make your product review writing unique you have to start from the title. Many writers are fond of writing similar product review titles but this is not good for you in the search engines. So even if you’re going to add the word ‘review’ to your title, make sure the other words are constructed in a unique way, not just a mix of the product name and the word ‘review’. Once you’re done with the title the next thing is to produce a very good introduction. The introduction should cover everything about the product so that the reader knows exactly what it is. It should also contain a bit of what the reader is expected to come across in the body of the article.

Get The Description Just Right

Next, you have to make a detailed description of the product. This should include the weight, size, colour and texture when and where relevant. You should also talk about the kind of people the product will benefit. Consumers like it when they know that a certain product is manufactured specifically for a certain type of person. Talk about the problems that people faced before the product and how it can help to solve them. Give the reader some unusual facts but be careful not to sound too much like a salesperson. Your writing should be as neutral as possible so the reader does not feel that you’re only trying to sell and not inform.

Don’t Let The Jargon Take Over

Discuss the ingredients or features that make the product different from other products or that make it more effective. Go into deep details on this because it’s your opportunity to let the reader feel that you know exactly what you’re talking about. If you mention anything that is difficult to understand make sure you explain in full. One confusing word, piece of vocabulary, scientific term or phrase can lead to the loss of hundreds of readers and potential customers. People deserve to know what the product is all about, before parting away with their cash.

Pros & Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of the product should be written with care. Many consumers believe that every product, especially the ones manufactured with chemicals, have both advantages and disadvantages so they will be expecting it. Write down as many advantages as possible because it’s your chance to sound very positive and not be punished for it. You should also mention disadvantages but with a lot of care so you don’t scare people away. The safe thing is to look for a disadvantage that doesn’t cause any serious harm e.g. “the product is only available on the manufacturer’s website and nowhere else…” something like that.

End The Right Way

Your conclusion and summary should appear at the bottom of the review. Here you have to discuss the most important points in the review that the reader should take away. It is also an opportunity to talk about special aspects of the product you didn’t have the chance to discuss previously. It’s your opportunity to some the review up in one simple sentence.