Top 10 SEO Mistakes Brands Are Still Not Abandoning

Today I am here to explore top 10 SEO mistakes brands are still not leaving despite tolerating the negative impacts over their internet marketing  campaign. Let’s have a look over them one by one:

1: Non Incorporation of SEO Principles

If you fail to use SEO techniques such as article marketing, blogging, video marketing and social media optimization thinking it a waste, you are actually leaving the money on table.

2:  Non Utilization of the Title Tag

It is the words you add to the title which decide to make or break your ranking on search engine. Therefore it is very essential to add the most important keyword phrases into your title to make them traffic pro on search engine.

3: Creation of Long and Messy URL’s

You actually need to have a good practice on creating category level URL’s as some content management systems can make your url’s lengthy and messy to handle.

4: Structuring Content Improperly

You need to place your text rich content on top of your site while any sidebar placed on side having hierarchical content makes sense if you fail to place your text on top of your site and your side bar may take the place higher this would lead you loose the potential keywords search found in your text. So the right placement is very important.

Top Ten SEO Mistakes
5: Using too Much Flash in Your Website or Page

A flash based website or page is not liked by the Google spiders as they can’t read the splash files to index it. Therefore an html based file should be provided instead to achieve good ranking of your page or site on search engine.

6: Not Using ‘Alt’ Tag for Image

If you are using images after optimize your picture and you need to put an Alt=”” tag attributes. It is necessary for valid xhtml designers but many often skip this step. Along with that do not forget to put an alt tag description to tell what the image is about. This would help to make your image crawl able for search engine spiders.

7: Absence of User Generated Content or Reviews

Having customer reviews or customer content could boost up your site performance up to maximum level. It is good to have a user generated and well optimized page which can add to boost the search results.

8: Too Much Use of Ajax

As the search engine does not read java script menus therefore you need to design your site accordingly. You should consider putting the links in non script tag or should build a site map.

9: Lack of Consistency and Maintenance

SEO is a continuous process. You need to keep an eye on the competition and ranking of your site and SEO it continuously. Avoiding the consistency may take you far below inn search engine ranking.

10: Re-submitting Too Soon

When you optimize your site and submit on the search engine and do not get any response for two three weeks you may resubmit it too soon. Every search engine and directory has its own time frame. It may take 12 weeks to index your site. So you need to check the average submitting time and have patience.