Top 5 SEO Directories to Ensure Higher Ranking of Your Website

If you are intending to boost your website ranking by directory submission then you must go for the best SEO directories in this case. SEO directory submission can really make a difference in this regard. Here we have discussed top 5 SEO directories you can consider:


It is also known as an open directory project and it is a great place for SEO optimization. However, you should know that you might have serious problems getting into it. Anyway, once you do, you will see that this directory will definitely make a huge change to your ranking. The directory itself has a pagerank of 8 and 2600 in Alexa. It was established in 1999 and all it is pretty simple to work with. Just find the best directory and start submitting your content there.

2. Yahoo

It is 1 in Alexa and it was created back in 1995. It is as good as DMOZ and you can be sure that once you get into it, your site will improve its ranking. You should also know that there is a $300 non-refundable fee for submission (annual fee is included). Unique content or websites that are not under construction will be accepted without any problems. This directory has been tested lots of times and this is why we are highly recommending it.


Top SEO directories


3. Best of the Web Directory

Other directory submission site that you should check is The Best of the Web Directory. Its pagerank is 6 and it is over 25,000 in Alexa. It has been created in 1996 and it is considered as one of the best submission directories of all times. The fee is $150 + annual fee included. So you can see that DMOZ is a bit hard to get into while Yahoo has a high price it means that this is the type of directory you are looking for. It is pretty good and you should test it.

4. has a pagerank of 6 and Alexa under 45,000. It is relatively new compared to the other directories – created in 2012. It is now one of the best directories (paid) and it is pretty good value for its money. The price is $70. If you are wondering why this directory is not in the top pagerank, then you should know that types of inbound links and age of the domain are the reasons behind this.

5. directory comes at number 5 in the list. It has a pagerank of 7 and 1705 in Alexa. There you can find almost 5000 links. It has been established in 1998 and it is highly credible directory for both increasing pagerank and referring traffic. The fee is a bit higher – $300 but it is worthy!

So after going through top 5 SEO directories you must choose one which suits your business and your paying capacity to use this SEO strategy to boost your website ranking successfully.

  • Nice list. Wondering if there are free ones and 2013 specific ?

  • Spook SEO

    Thanks for the list. It is true that it DMOZ is hard to get into but it is worth it. My pagerank totally increased once I got into this directory. So no matter how long the wait, you should really give it a shot.