Top 7 Google Tools to Change the Face of Your Online Presence

To cope with ever changing internet world Google is always coming up with numerous latest tools. Some of them you may be familiar with and may have ignored some. There are many of them which you come across during routine search. You may know some of them and have only heard about the rest. So here I decided to throw light on top 7 google tools which can really change the face of your online reputation if implemented properly.

1- Integration of Social Search Results to Google Algorithm 

With Growing importance of social networking, Google has integrated social search results with the main results and some social signal data has already been included in Google algorithm. Therefore it places immense importance to pay sufficient attention on social search tools whatever social media you are connected with. Along with that Google also provides you a platform, which is the social circle Google derives for you based on the profile you present with the Google where you can learn and stay updated regarding your field.

For instance if you are connected to two people with similar names on Twitter or Facebook and want to trace them on LinkedIn and unable to do so due to common names Google social circle can assist you in identifying your desired results as it lets you recognize them by their groups which they have decided to make public on their profiles, additionally you may also use Google profile directories if you are searching for many people to save your time.

Besides this it also helps you know more about the incoming trends and knowing the hot content or websites. You may also know which services your friends are using to stay at ease. Any you may also enlarge your circle by connecting with other people through secondary contacts section on your favorite social media site.

2- Use Google Buzz to Find and Address Target Audience

When your Google buzz is turned on and you log in to Google and see the Google reader section this is actually here for you to share your links, experiences and random thoughts you want to share with people in your circle.  This stuff also appears on your Google buzz page. You may also get suggestions regarding your query, and can also address the targeted audience regarding the updates they are interested in. [UPDATE: Google Buzz has Gone now!]

3- Using Google Insight Search for Online Business Boost

Depending on our business type Google can help you to research about the variable factors, such as seasonality of the business, the term you are using is effective or not? Or other popular terms that you may use for your business.

4- Use Google Correlate Tool to Identify True Search Patterns

This tool let you find the search patterns followed by the real world trends. It actually assists the local business and regional chains to find what local search projects to be prioritize. Additionally you can find the keywords sets to see what other phrases are available. This tool actually uses online search activities to find out queries having the same pattern to particular target data. You can either see it on google correlate website or can download as CVS file for detailed analysis.

5- Use Google Follow Finder to Expand Your Twitter Network

There is a tool called Follow Finder which helps the twitter users to find more related tweets that should be followed. It actually does this by analyzing all your connections and prevailing trends in them and then show you the groups that many of your followers or followers are already connected with. And also suggest you the links or groups you would likely to follow.

6- Use Timeline of Google News to See What’s Happening?

It would give you an overview of what’s happening? What trends are getting hot? What stories are getting peaks? And what reputation does your company holds? It may also give you links you may refer back to them to make the picture clearer. It saves your searches while you are logged into your account.

7- Use Google ‘News Near You’

It tells you the news of the surroundings where you physically are. When you browse for news on Google site from your cell then you will get a new section called “news near you” to get the news of your immediate surroundings.

So these were some of the useful google tools which you might be ignoring at the moment and that can be helpful for anyone depending on their task and online activities. So if you strive hard to get higher ranking in google results then don’t forget to use the tools it introduces from time to time not only to make you updated with its recent advancements but also to make you adapted accordingly to maximize the gain you want to get from your online activities.