Top Presentation Skills For Your Vlog to Become Charismatic And Engaging

Blogging is a fantastic way to find yourself a loyal following and to start selling products to anyone who will listen/making money from ad clicks. However despite what much of the web would have you believe, it is certainly not the only way you can make money online and build up a following. One of the other most effective ways to get follows and readers rather, is to create a VLOG which is a portmanteau for ‘Video Log’. The idea is that you blog in the exact same way that you would normally, but do it by speaking in front of a camera rather than writing on a website.

This has a lot of advantages because it allows you to generate subscribers via YouTube and to market your videos to them directly in future. It also allows you to put across your emotions and your opinions in a far more in-depth way than you could in a blog (you’ll have much more luck convincing someone to buy by showing them why they should) and there are many ways you can monetise this process or use it for marketing and promotion.

Best of all, vlogging is something that anyone can do. You don’t need to be a good writer, or even particularly good with computers – all you need is something to talk about and a compelling manner that makes people want to watch and listen to you.

This latter point is what we call ‘the hard part’, so read on to find out how you can make yourself more charismatic and charming for your YouTube viewing public.


Charisma is a rather abstract concept that is more than a little difficult to define. Nevertheless, many studies have looked at what makes someone charismatic and there do seem to be some commonalities. In particular, charismatic people appear to believe more strongly in what they’re writing about, and they tend to convey more enthusiastic through their use of emotive language and body language. Simply gesticulating more can help you to seem more genuine and passionate, but you should also make sure that you really do believe strongly in whatever you’re saying.

Speak Slowly

Speaking to quickly is a common mistake for people who are starting out with vlogging or recording themselves speaking in any way. When we are nervous, our spoken language tends to speed up and this makes it harder to follow as well as making us seem less eloquent and less confident. Make a conscious effort to breathe and to slow it down before you start rolling.

Be Human

While it’s good to be rehearsed and professional, don’t read from a script and edit out every minor mistake. Doing this will turn you into a robot and make you less personable and relatable. Your human-ness is actually a strength, so make sure that you work that by talking directly to your audience, being humble and occasionally leaving in a mistake. Roll with the punches, say what’s on your mind and don’t forget to smile!