Top SEO Predictions 2014

After the release of Penguin 2, it is apparent that Google is making room for quality content by trying to eliminate spam. With this in mind, what are some SEO trends we can expect for the coming year? Google has already hinted at what we should be gearing up for for 2014.

SEO Predictions 2014

Long-Form Blogs

Such blogs range from 1,000 to 2,000 words. Posting multiple times per week will remain important, but it looks like longer and more in-depth content that is going to be important to readers may be an upcoming trend.

Multiple Type of Media

Give your blog an edge by producing multiple types of media besides written content. Your ability to diversify is only limited by your own creativity. Creating interactive infographics, viral videos, or other fun content will help your blog stand out against the masses.

Google Authorship

Use Google Authorship to build up your identity as an author. It can help Google identify you as a legitimate author. Google uses Authorship to keep an eye on what you write and the topics that you are qualified.

Higher Quality Link Building

The importance of the link is still high, but Google will continue to demand higher and higher quality. To combat spam, Google is constantly adjusting its algorithm, which means your link quality has to keep up to par.

Anchor Text Diversification

You need to continue diversifying your link text. Some experts have estimated that if 30% of your link text perfectly matches your anchor text, Google identifies it as spam. If you think about it, people who would link your content wouldn’t use the exact text every time, it would vary at least a bit. So try to think of some other ways to name your links that are more organic-sounding.

Quality Web Design

If your website is looking shabby and outdated, it’s time for a redesign. Good design is visually pleasing and, at its core, has quality usability. Usability is concerned with making it as easy as possible for people to get where they are going to on your site. Good usability will help increase conversions.

Watchful Guest Blogging

Watch where you are posting your guest blogs! Guest blogging is also getting scrutinized, so pay closer attention to the sites you are getting published on and their credibility.

Social Media Influence

Social influence is so important because it can be difficult to fake. Increase the likelihood of your content being shared on social media by making sure you have branded your social media outlets and post to them often. Also, share your content across all of your social media platforms to make it as accessible as possible to your audience.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

It’s obvious that the mobile era is upon us. Not having a compatible website for mobile device puts your organization behind, as simple as that.

Smart Content Strategy

Overall, place a higher value on your content strategy instead of your tactics. Tactics are important because they help achieve your strategy, but they are concerned with only short term outcomes. Think of your content strategies as ways to achieve your overall objectives and goals.

It seems that overall, Google is going to be more concerned with an organization’s overall brand in the upcoming year. A majority of these predicted trends are actually indirect ways in which strengthening your brand and making valuable by placing value on the user experience.