Top Twitter Tips for Selling A Property

In today’s real estate market, sellers have to get a little bit creative sometimes. While the market has improved overall, some markets are still very stagnant, and simply have a lot of supply to choose from. If you are interested in selling a house, one of the best ways that you can improve your chances is to utilize social media. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world, and it is ideal for promoting a property for sale. If you’re thinking using Twitter to market your property, then you must take a look at top twitter tips for selling a property below.

Set Up an Account for The House

One option that you may want to consider is setting up an account for your house. This isn’t necessary in every case, but it can help set your house apart. Tweeting as a house can be pretty humorous, and it can also provide some great information about the property to followers. A number of people have done this with some success. For example, you could tweet about how close you are to shopping and great schools, or how much you love your neighborhood.

Create a Blog for the House

In addition to marketing your house with wood or, you should also create a basic site or blog for it. This way, when you tweet, you can link to the site. When people read your tweets, they can then click on the link, and get even more detailed information about the house. If a new follower comes along and sees one of your messages, they don’t want to have to go back through all the tweets to get info about your house. You can also link to the blog in the profile section of your Twitter page.

Link to Trulia

Another option for you to consider is to link to the Trulia page about your house. Trulia is a very popular real estate site that provides information about every house out there on the market. When you tweet, consider linking to your Trulia page, so that visitors will be taken to your page. This can give them all kinds of detailed information about your house, such as the value, how many houses are for sale in the neighborhood and similar data. This is sometimes better than linking directly to your own site, because it is a source of information that is provided by a third-party. Some people like this better because it is unbiased information about your house.

Announce Events

Twitter is a great way to announce events relating to your house as well. For example, if you are going to have an auction or an open house, notes it on your Twitter profile. Even if you just use your own Twitter account for this part of the process, it can work well. You just need some way to get the word out to people instead of just relying on your real estate agent to handle the marketing for you.

Some people even live-tweet events on Twitter. For example, if you have an online open house, you can use a live video feed and tweet information about the house.

Regardless of which options you choose to employ, using Twitter for selling a property can be a great tool to help you reach your goal easily. Try it out for yourself and see if it makes a difference.