Track External Links via Google Analytics

You can get the information about the traffic, which comes towards your website if you have linked Google Analytics and your Google account. You can also track the record of outgoing linked, which are clicked, if you have the Google Analytics account. URL generator is offered by the Google to the webmasters, which help tracking campaigns. Related IDs and other sources for the campaign are also provided. You will be able to specify a different parameter, with the help of this generator. These parameters are used to track links.

track external links via google analytics


  1. On your computer system, open web browser. Go to the URL generator provided by Google, located on the official domain of Google. You should use the official generator for Google URL. It will help you to generate URL, which will be compatible with Analytics.
  2. You will see a form. You have to provide information about your campaign there. You have the choice, either you select all options related to tracking or choose just one. In website URL, you have to write the URL of your website.
  3. Now you have to click on Generate URL, and it will create links for you, which help in tracking. The code to link will be provided beneath the button, in a box. You have to copy this link and paste it to your blog or web page. Information about the link will be displayed in the dashboard of Google Analytics, when a user will click these links.

These simple steps will help you to track your external links.