Track Social Media Activity via Google Analytics

A large number of companies are using social media websites as a source for the promotion of their website. This marketing strategy is really successful for many companies. In this situation, it is important to track the interaction between customers and these websites. Google Analytics will help you to get the information about the number of visitors, which have visited your website through a social media website route. This is critical if you want to evaluate the achievement of your campaigns, which you are running on social media websites.

track social media activity by google analytics


1. Use your email Id and password and access your Analytics account. You will see dashboard page, you have to choose Traffic sources. You can find it on the left portion of the screen.

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2. You have to find the menu, which shows the range about date, it is located in the right part of your screen. This menu will help you to select the time for which you will be analyzing the traffic. This traffic is coming from the websites related to social media.

3. You will see the traffic sources, in a list which you will get after clicking referring sites. On the next page, you will see all the social media websites, which send traffic to your page, in your selected period of time.

4. Go to the end of this page. Find the menu named as filter source and choose the containing option.

5. Write the name of social website, like Facebook or any other. You have to write the name of the website in the filter source and after that click on go. On the next page you will see the social websites which you have specified.

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Tips to Remember

This will help you to know about the traffic, which you get from social websites, which can be many in number. You have to write the names of different websites and use a pipe to spate their names, instead of space. Like Twitter|Facebook. This will show you the related results.

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