Understand Google Universal Analytics to Get Most of It!

With the introduction of Google Analytic in public beta version it has now become easier to keep track of how your followers and fans switch between different screens, a task which was quite difficult to figure out previously. Formerly it was only available for those who paid for it but now it has been made available for the masses. Public beta version of Universal Analytic was launched on Friday and now anyone can access it through their free Google Analytic account.

Google Universal Analytics

What is Unique about Google Universal Analytic?

Universal Analytic allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on at your web site simply by adding an easy code to each page. This method has been increasingly programmed by blog forums and webhots so that you can easily insert the code to your account through the control panel.
Through this Universal Analytic you can obtain information about how many people are visiting your site? Who are your regular visitors? How many visits have been made and from which country these visitors mostly belong? For how long they stay on your site and what devices they use to access your site? In order to improve the whole process a mobile element is available but according to Google Analytics help, the process should be enhanced by employing:

Latest data collection procedures,
More simplified configurations,
Customer metrics and customer dimensions and
Multi-platform tracing

When a new comer sets up his website he gets the choice between universal or classical Analytic. Additionally you may also like to stalk Android and iOS app activity but that’s another aspect different from mobile and desktop activity.
Regular and old users would be required to format a new property to use added features. However, it has been reported that there would be a migration guide for those old users who are switching to the new system but you would still be required to add the new code at your site to get the latest features.

Envision your Google Analytics

Google Analytic is one of those tools which are not very much easy to use therefore one cannot grasp the whole picture quickly. In order to overcome the issue there is a free Google Analytic Report which would not only assist to understand how it works but would also guide you in making reports for presentations.

Quantcast Launches Mobile App Analytics

Another good Alternative to Google Analytic is Quantcast they also have the added feature of publicising your statistics if they are of public interest. Moreover they have also included free Android and iOS app measurement to their tool pool.