How to Use Pay Per Click to Increase Facebook Fans?

Irrespective of the type of service or website run by you online, it is imperative to have a considerable social following in today’s time. You need to make sure you are present on all leading social networking sites and not just any one of them. Even companies providing Facebook ad management service sometimes ask you to open accounts on other social networks since this is the age of in-your-face marketing.

In this post, I am going to specifically focus on Facebook and how it can help you increase your social following with able support from pay per click marketing. Here you will see how you can use pay per click to increase facebook fans.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of growing your business. All you need is a Fan Page of your own and a suitable ad campaign for promoting it to people who you know will become fans of your page or content.

What makes FB the simplest method of growing your following is the fact that it does not require anything but a mere click. The moment that is done, all of your Fan Page updates or blog content is delivered to the updates and news feeds in the accounts of all your FB followers.

Even if you manage to attract the smallest percentage of the billion plus Facebook users, you can ensure a massive following for your business. You should also use “sponsored stories” in this regard as they can bring even more publicity and exposure for your fan pages and social ad campaigns.

When you create your Facebook ad campaign, the price per view or click will vary depending on a number of factors including your age, location and other demographics. To cut a long story short, your campaign will be based on a CPC or CPM model. The higher the CTR received by you on your ads, the lower will be the amount you have to pay per click.

Make Use of Facebook Badges and Search Traffic

If you have a blog or website and are using paid traffic via search engines or media buying at the moment not exactly for lead generation but more for getting people to pay a visit to your site, a FB Fan Page badge ought to be used by you on your page too.

In today’s time, almost everyone who browses the internet has a Facebook account. Therefore, you can expect majority of people visiting your site to be active FB users. In such a scenario, if you put the badge in such a way on your blog that it can be easily noticed, it can prompt them to hit the ‘like’ button after which they would start getting your updates regularly.


A search campaign can also be created with the sole purpose of sending traffic to a webpage containing your Fan Page badge in order to see whether users can be converted on a search basis at a cost that is lower than that involved in promoting via Facebook Ads. However, this is dependent on certain factors such as the keywords targeted by you, your demographic audience and so on.

Follow Services and Paid Promotion

If you are more interested in building up your social following instead of devoting time to your ad campaigns, you can make use of other services too which, for that matter, are aplenty in the market.

For instance, you can get thousands of FB likes via services like in exchange of only a one-time cost. There is, however, one big difference between creation of ad campaigns via FB ads and purchasing likes and followers through other services – you can never be sure of what you would get at the end of the day and also the quality can vary greatly.

However, it is also true that your campaigns and fan pages can get a major boost via paid social media marketing or Facebook ad management service. This is because it is human tendency to follow or join someone who has thousands of existing followers.

The crux of the matter is irrespective of what method you choose to build your social following on the leading social networks, you have to pay attention to the quality, overall ad cost and ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns. And don’t discontinue with your promotional campaigns after a while. Keep feeding the curiosity of your followers and your community will get bigger in no time!

Aditi Datta is a Professional PPC Entrepreneur who works in a leading PPC Company in India. She also provides helpful and effective tips of using your ppc campaign to boost up your facebook fans through Facebook ad management service.