What Google Likes to See in Your Site to Make It A Friend?

Everyone wants to get higher ranking in major search engines particularly the google. Webmasters try to everything they can do to woo the big G but if you focus on few simple things which google wants to see in a friendly site then your target will become much accessible and attainable.

1- Provide Quality and Fact Based Content to the Visitors Coming to Your Site

Home page is the most important page of your website; make it as informative as possible. Content of your pages must be well written and full of latest information. Redundancy is not what readers are looking for, this is a golden rule you need to follow. Good quality content is the key in getting webmasters to link with your site. Pay attention to the information you are letting out, useful and accurate content will definitely bring more traffic to your site. Include frequently used words, which users would apply while going through the search engine.

write quality content

2- Make Other Sites Link to Yours

You cannot make much progress in isolation, find you niche and be inviting when it comes to other’s sites. Links can help you find greater prominence since crawlers will able to find your website through links. Google employs sophisticated technique of text matching when you take the help of search engine to locate a website. Google reads a link as a means of recommendation, and if your page is recommended by an important site then it increases credibility of your site.

Google is capable of finding out if the links provided are natural or unnatural in nature. The algorithm can detect such unfair means of grabbing attention instantly. Natural links are genuine links that are helpful to the readers but unnatural links are put by force just to make your site crawl up in the search engine results without giving any importance to the relevance of the linked page. Natural links are useful in the long run gaining higher ranking in the search engine results.

The best way to make natural links is to publish guest posts on quality sites in the same niche. It can also be done by doing purposeful and objective commenting on relevant blogs and by sharing your posts on social networking sites to get targeted traffic along with one way useful link.

built one way links

3- Make Your Site Fully Accessible from Every Corner

Logical links can make your website go places; every page must be linked by static text link. Lynx, which is a text browser can be used to examine your site, spiders can see your site just that way a lynx would. If you encounter trouble reading your entire page due to the presence of various elements including cookies, session ID, frames, Java script, and DHTML or Macromedia Flash, then spider too might encounter similar trouble crawling it.

site accessibility

So if you make sure that you are providing quality content to your audience on regular basis, building links with other reputable site and making your site fully accessible to spiders then your site will soon be google’s next friend.