What Is Google Page Rank And Why Does It Matter?

One of Google's Penguins?Google Page Rank has been around for a considerable time. Pages that enjoy a higher rank are deemed to be more reputable than ones with a lower rank. As a result of this the higher ranked pages are likely to be listed above others and will be easier to find.

Even today PageRank performs an integral role in determining the strength of a site. This is perhaps why so many webmasters remain focused in protecting their rank.

Here we will find out a little more about how PageRank works and why it still matters.

What is Page Rank?

Put simply, PageRank is one of the measurements that Google uses in determining where a website will rank. This measurement works on a simply scale of one through to ten. If a site hasn’t achieved a PageRank score it is referred to as either zero or unranked.

The system came about by Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Bring whilst they were students at Stamford University.  Further information how this all came about can be found on the Management Team page of Google.

Prior to PageRank coming into effect the main measurement to determine the ranking of a page came from the level of keyword density. As such, many webmasters would “trick” the system by repeating keyword phrases over and over again.

The Casting of a Vote

Casting VoteThe main theory of this system is that the most important pages on the internet are the ones that have the most pages linking to them. In essence, Page Rank thinks of these links in a similar way to that of casting a vote.

Additional “weight” is carried if the page that is being linked from has a higher PageRank. To put this into perspective it is thought that a single link from a PageRank 8 site will be better than 3 links from Page Rank 2 sites.

The rationale behind this is that these higher ranked pages are deemed to be better “authorities” at leading web surfers to more reliable sources of information. This is perhaps why the phrase relating to becoming an “Authority in Your Niche” was born from.


Even though there are now many other forms of assessing a sites overall ranking, the PageRank system still plays an important role.

The fact is that Google use this information alongside a multitude of other pieces of information in determining exactly where a page will appear in its search. As a result of this is perhaps comes as no surprise that this measurement is still used by bloggers in determining where they actually link to and indeed from.

The Panda and Penguin

Recent times have seen Google adopt a more aggressive attitude relating to the measurement of PageRank.

Normally you could be forgiven for thinking that a Panda or Penguin were cute animals. However, when it comes to Google’s algorithm changes they are far from loveable. A great many websites have been on the receiving end of these “animals” as Google refreshed rankings.

Some site owners have witnessed their rankings drop quite dramatically. This in turn has had the effect of removing them from being on the front page of Google search to a much lower position.

Further reading on how to deal with Google’s Pandas and Penguins can be found on this changing strategies article on the Huffington Post.

Conclusion: PageRank

Without question, the Google PageRank system is a good indicator of website credibility. This is why so many bloggers and site owners base their placement decisions after considering its scoring.

Once you achieve a high ranking it makes sense to try to protect it as much as possible. Being conscious about where you link to can play a large part in this strategy.

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