How Will Hummingbird Influence Future SEO And Online Marketing?

The biggest change in Google’s algorithms in recent years Hummingbird causes many webmasters, SEO experts and online marketers, grown men and women, to shiver in crippling fear like small children because of the “monsters under the bed” and it gives them equally traumatizing nightmares. The truth is that every time Google release an update, everything changes and sometimes whole projects are getting sacked, companies are going out of business, employees are being fired – it’s essentially a massacre.

Of course, the best are usually untouchable and even though there is no such thing as “being too big to fail”, some experts just manage to stay in the game for a little while longer and instead of being punished are even being rewarded for the work they are doing. In most cases producing high-quality and relevant content is what keeps you in good terms with Google, so those who actually put a lot of work and effort into their work are actually being rewarded. The corporate giant hates people who are always looking for shortcuts and does everything they can to stop them from advancing in the search results. After all, search results are one of Google’s main products and they don’t like people messing with that.

hummingbird influene on seoEvery update changes the current meta of the search results so you can understand why people in the field are always nervous when they hear about Panda or Penguin receiving their latest changes. However, Hummingbird isn’t an update – it more of a rework of the current algorithms so you everyone’s panicking. There is one thing you should understand right away if you want to stay in good terms with Hummingbird. First of all, you need to understand what it is.

What is Hummingbird?

Like I said, Google are always opting to delivering the best possible search results because that is one of their main products (and what made them what they are in the first place). With the ever expanding mobile market, more and more people are using mobile devices with voice interface to make inquiries and of course, when they search via the voice tools, they don’t use keywords, but usually whole sentences. Google’s normal algorithm used to ignore many of the words in the sentences back in the day and instead focused on keywords. Not anymore. Hummingbird is a change in the algorithm that helps the search engine understand what people are asking when they are using whole sentences so they can deliver the most adequate results. They aren’t focusing on the keywords and the inquiry itself, anymore, but rather on the reason behind it and what the person is looking for altogether. It’s a major change in the way Google works.

Hummingbird Influence; How Does This Change the Game?

As far as SEO and online marketing are concerned, the focus should no longer be simply on keywords, but more likely on providing helpful and relevant information that will tell Google that your services are worth it. Creating mobile-friendly sites at all cost will be just one of the changes that will have to be implemented. As of now, the prognosis is that in just few short years most people will ditch their desktops and will instead shift to mobile usage. This means that sites not optimized for mobile devices aren’t going to be competitive.

Creating a relationship with the current and potential customers will be essential (even more than it is now). Backlinks and social media activity will have a more primal role than they do now. A good marketing strategy will have to focus much more on the people than on the product. Basically, for those who do their job well nothing will change but for all those out there who seek shortcuts – this is game-changing.

The quality of the content will have to be improved, too. No longer will content writers be to write irrelevant texts and still get decent hits with keywords. Bounce rate will be much more important so every text being published on the web will have to be of high quality and relevance.

So, like I said, if you’re doing your job right, nothing will change.