WP Pinner: Auto-Post Images from WordPress to Pinterest

Many people who use WordPress for the first time are surprised when they find out that the most popular blogging platform doesn’t work as well as it should be with popular social media websites such as Pinterest. Thankfully, this can be changed by using plugins, but in many cases those plugins lack the features you need or want to use. So what can you do in this case? We’ve been waiting for a good way to automatically share WordPress posts & images on Pinterest for a while and it seems like we’ll finally be able to use such a plugin.

This post is about WP Pinner – a great and simple WordPress plugin that is still in BETA, but it is a matter of time before it gets released officially. If you are eager to give it a try then don’t hesitate to sign up through this link and you might become one of the lucky bloggers who’ll get to use WP Pinner before everyone else.

So, what’s so great about this plugin? It features a simple & easy administrator interface and its main purpose is to auto-post images from your WordPress posts to a selected Pinterest board. It doesn’t need much configuration and setting up auto posting to WordPress takes just 1-2 minutes. Using WP Pinner is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Download, install & activate the plugin
  2. Open the configuration panel & sign-in with your Pinterest account
  3. Choose which board you want to post to
  4. Configure the plugin to either pin posts & pages or just one of them
  5. You can also set-up where the pins link to – your home page, post page or a custom URL.

When this is done you can start pinning your old or new posts by editing/creating a post. You’ll see a new WP Pinner section that gives you the ability to choose which image you want to pin on the board. You can also disable or enable auto-post to Pinterest, so you won’t post every single piece of content on the selected board.

WP Pinner also features a handy analytics page where you can see the number of Pinterest that have visited your URL through the board. Likes & repins are displayed there as well, so keep a close eye on this section to find out which of your posts are most popular.

One of the features that this plugin still lacks is the ability to pin videos to Pinterest, but according to its developers, implementing this extra is a matter of time. We hope that in the final version we’ll be able to enjoy even more features & extras that will be appreciated by power users.